Private Investigator Julia Robson

Private Investigator Julia Robson is now operating at

 Recognising the increased trend for individuals online to claim to be someone they are not, Julia Robson created from scratch a specific service offering background checks and investigations to users of online dating.

Julia Robson is a Private Investigator in Melbourne who is now running her own Investigation company,

She is still offering online dating background checks at  


Tel: 1300 884 596 (Australia)

Don’t risk heartbreak by taking chances online. 

Her success with online dating investigations included her travelling to Malaysia to assist with the arrest of a Nigerian based crime ring which she had uncovered operating online and the identification of an International fraudster who was using an alias online to attract female victims.  Julia continually strives for the Internet to be a safer place for both individuals and organisations who use it, and is an active member of the Internet Industry Association.